Previous Plumbing Projects

A small selection of completed 2017/18 projects.
Install W/C Draniage Downstairs Toilet

On this project the brief was a downstairs W/C cloakroom in a Victorian terrace. The client was adamant he wanted full w/c gravity drainage. So i lifted the boards to find sufficient fall. Then diamond core core drilled out through external wall and made the necessary connection into existing Victorian salt glaze underground drainage.

Bathroom Update 2018

The brief was a bathroom makeover, new drench shower, bathroom taps, shower screen and new tiling. From what 

the owner described as 'looking a little like a abattoir' to a beautiful Moroccan style space. The use of vibrant colours offset with the adjacent plain tiles gives the bathroom a warm and calm feel to unwind from the strains of life.

  • New drench shower

  • New tiling

Bathroom Floor & Plumbing 2018

The brief was a long standing water leak from a boiler that was suddenly an emergency.

  • Locate and fix leak in boiler

  • Remove damaged hardboard & insulation

  • Remove toilet & basin to make room for floor removal

  • New hardboard floor

  • New insulation

  • New vinyl flooring

  • New toilet & basin

Complete Bathroom 2017

The brief was to design and install an upstairs bathroom into the 3rd bedroom in a Bristol Victorian home. The client wanted a modern bathroom but with a traditional twist. A big chunk of the housing stock in Bristol are late Victorian & Edwardian properties that would have have had a bathrooms fitted downstairs.


  • Complete conversion from bedroom to bathroom

  • Design

  • New soil pipe

  • All new plumbing

  • Free standing bath

  • Built in shower enclosure

  • Freestanding basin & pedestal

Upgrade Downstairs Loo 2017

The brief was to update an old small downstairs toilet, replace the toilet, fix a long standing leaking soil pipe, install a wash basin, new lighting, new flooring and tiling. With a modern contemporary look.

  • Raised floor with new soil pipe & drain

  • Locate new sink

  • All new plumbing

  • New wall hung radiator

  • Replacement toilet

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